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Internationalization Mini-grants are open to all PSU faculty, Staff, and Departments. Applications are accepted annually. The award is administered by the Internationalization Council (IC) and was established by the Provost in 2007.

Application Guidelines


To further the IC’s goal to increase opportunities for PSU faculty, academic professionals, and staff to incorporate international dimensions into their teaching, scholarly agendas, programs, and professional development.


All PSU staff, faculty, and departments are invited to apply. Priority is given to proposals focusing on international awareness, internationalizing the curriculum, collaborations, scholarship, and/or community-based learning. Funded proposals require matching funds from department, school/college, or other sources.


The award funding pool is estimated to be $12,000 annually. The amount granted for each award varies depending on the nature of the proposal and the number of meritorious applications submitted.

Typical proposals have been funded at up to $1,000. See the list of funded proposals for 2012-13.

For previous years, see the list of awards from prior years, and a short summary report 2011-12 of the activities of each internationalization mini-grant.

The call for proposals is in the Fall Term of each academic year, with decisions and announcements made prior to the end of that calendar year.


Applicants must submit a complete application including:

  • Project Summary
    A non-technical abstract of the research or project. (limited to 200 words)
  • Proposal and Selection Criteria
    Clarity of purpose and rationale for the project, the project design and time frame for project implementation, evidence of applicant’s ability to carry out the project and how this project will contribute to the internationalization of PSU, and evidence of how the project addresses sustainability (limited to three double-spaced pages).
  • Budget
    All funding must be in accordance with the new State of Oregon requirements and restrictions. Budgets normally include personnel, services, and supplies with narrative justifications for each item. The activities and roles of research assistants must be detailed and clearly justified. The budget may include request for travel support, but in most circumstances may not exceed 50% of the grant request.
  • Pending Support
    Please indicate any funds that you are requesting from other sources for this project. Specify the name of the granting agency and the amount of the award. Matching support is a required part of the successful application.
  • Brief Vita and Pertinent Publication
    List educational background specifying the degrees earned, dates, and institutions. List all academic appointments in the past five years, including post-doc if applicable. (limited to one page per team member)


Email your complete application to Christina Luther by 5:00 pm, Monday, November 26, 2012. Funding decisions will be announced in December of 2012 and must be encumbered or expended by June 30, 2013.

If research involves use of human subjects, a copy of the PSU Human Subjects Research Review Committee approval letter needs to be submitted prior to release of funding.


A subcommittee from the IC will review and select proposals. Applications will be judged primarily on:

  • project soundness and design
  • project’s enhancement of internationalization at PSU
  • contribution to larger body of knowledge
  • feasibility of completion within proposed time frame
  • qualification of the applicant(s)

Priority is given to proposals that most closely adhere to the stated purpose of the award.


Principal investigators are required to submit a progress report to the Internationalization Council by the end of Spring Term, 2013.

Contact Christina Luther or for further assistance or information.

Endorsed by the Provost’s Internationalization Council and funded by the President

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